Why is Newfoundland Art so important to Newfoundlanders?


Fly Fisher | Newfoundland Art   To say Newfoundland is a unique place would be an understatement. Wether it's the way you pronounce Newfoundland or the proper way to cook Jigs dinner, Newfoundlander's are very specific on how it's done.

   As of the writing of this article, I have been in the Newfoundland Art industry for 18 years. Half of my life has been spent representing the talented artists of Newfoundland, managing an art gallery, printing, framing, and the list goes on. Our location on Water Street is in the heart of downtown, St. John's. I see thousands of "come from aways" each and every summer. The one common theme with all these people is the beauty of Newfoundland. From coast to coast I beleive that Newfoundland is the most beautiful place on earth.


  So is it any wonder that we have so many talented artists? The source for inspiration is virtually endless. No matter where you go, there is beauty. So why is Newfoundland Art so important to us? We are above anything else a very loyal people. We love this land, it brings back memories of our family,  cooking meals togeather, catching capelin, hiking, canoeing, fishing, and the list goes on. So when a local artists creates an image that brings back these memories, we as a people eat it up. We love to be reminded of how great our province really is.

   If you are a Newfoundlander living outside of Newfoundland, it's an image that makes you feel warm inside, and brings a smile to your face. No wonder why Newfoundland Art is so important to us.

Author: Jonathan Hancock (Owner of Hancock Gallery)

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